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Vulnerability Assessment

Latest on Apple’s iMessage Vulnerability assessment report

The Washington post recently confirmed what all Apple iMessage users feared true, it is possible for the servers holding the cloud communication data to be cloned and all the original data (messages) accessed through the most common of hacking techniques. Word is spreading, over how a team from the J Hopkins University’s research facilities were able to create the setup that any hacker with the means can replicate and use to decode messages between iMessage users, media included. With the way users have gotten used to this communication channel in the business world and beyond, the risk of losing company secrets that just arose could see things changing.If you’re just looking for some advice, assessments, or complete Virtual CIO offerings, our Business IT Consulting toronto can walk you through what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.

We looked into the issue, including the vulnerability assessment reports from Apple themselves.

Vulnerability Assessment Report

Apparently, Apple knew about the flaw way before the researchers found the gap, it was thought to have been fixed with previous updates. Guess who is slacking? Imagine what the FBI would do with it considering how hard they have been going at Apple to relax the security so that their analysts can access the device used in previous crimes against humanity. A lot of IT security companies are against the letting soft of security features on devices. The findings have led to apple scheduling an update of their Operating system; version 9.3, which will be solely released to patch the point of entry found by the JHU fellows. Why previous versions failed to seal this gate, we will never really know. Millions of users all over the world are eagerly waiting for the update.

A further look into the attack that worked on iMessage services proves that the FBI would have very little use of it in past cases, although plenty in the future. iPhones are used all across the world, even by terrorists. The recent attacks on the Belgian airport could well have been interrupted if the communication had been listened to. This is a possible reason why everyone could have a side agreeing to the idea of tapping communication channels all around the world. The bad side comes when you look into the fact that not everyone is planning an attack like the ones seen recently, would you be okay having your communications monitored? Exactly. Then again this matter being resolved in favor of the FBI could save a lot of lives through the prevention of other attacks in the future.

A vulnerability assessment report has been produced and analysed at the Apple headquarters, updates will come to fix the loophole and no way possible will be left to government agencies and hackers alike. Before conducting the update, are you safe from hackers? Well apparently, the report revealed there has to be a listener between your device connection and the servers, this is a very possible and relatively easy way for surveillance to be conducted, so we’re told. If you use a wifi connection, you may be at higher risk than say someone sending the communications through the regular telecoms services.