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Tips on Creating Effective MSP Marketing Plan That Will Lead Generation

MSP or managed service provider is a company that manages the IT infrastructure or end user systems of the client. The managing company operates under a subscription model and on a proactive basis.

What is the role of MSP marketing service in sales lead generation? Is there something wrong with MSP business model?

Time and budget are some of the challenging factors when it comes to implementing MSP in marketing and lead generation. As a matter of fact, most MSPs have their hands full, thanks to the existing clientele. This means engaging new clients would be done by word of mouth rather than have a strategic plan in place. Clients will only call the service providers when a problem arises.


How can a business benefit from MSP marketing? Here are a few tips on how to create a marketing plan and lead general strategy:

Setting tangible marketing goals

When adding new business solutions or starting marketing plan, it is important to set a few specific goals. Listing the specific marketing activities such as customer survey and email campaign is greatly recommended.

Before plugging in the accurate figures, consider the following:

  • How many leads are needed on a monthly basis?
  • What is the conversion rate
  • For starters, start with a conversation rate of 10 per cent.

Determine the source of funding and budget

After determining the costs of all marketing activities, it is time to determine the budget. The amount needed for the marketing plan will be slightly higher than the available budget. It is important to have a detailed marketing plan before committing any funds.

Do not go solo

Most providers have the notion that marketing involves hiring a full-time marketer. The truth of the matter is that hiring someone with a marketing degree will not guarantee success. A distributor or vendor may offer valuable information and low-cost marketing services. Seek help from other partners.

Befriending editors

Find an editor who will speak to your target audience. This is a move that will boost the relevancy of websites when online searches are done. One way of meeting editors is by introducing yourself to business editors. Reporters are known to be reliable and this will increase greatly the chances of being quoted in their publications.

Improve on your website

Ensure that your website stands out from the rest. Most websites have the same logos of vendors and the use of high-tech jargon. One of way of making the website stand out is by:

  • Having personalized messages, that shows interaction between clients and employees
  • Include short clips and videos
  • Incorporate social media to the marketing plan

Social media has proved to be a relevant marketing tool. As a matter of fact, social media advertising has a high success rate compared to outbound marketing. Some of the social media tools that can be used include Facebook and LinkedIn.

Build a marketing plan that embraces change

It is important to track details of your marketing plan. This will help make informed decisions over the period. It gives you the chance to assess what is working and what needs to be improved.