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What you should know when taking your PC to a computer repair shop in Baltimore

When your PC or laptop is faulty, it usually takes the hand of a technician to fix it. However, if that technician is not very reliable, then a few things may happen. They will overcharge you, miss-diagnose the problem, or end up deleting your valuable data. Fortunately, you can do something to have your PC only repaired by a qualified Baltimore technician and not the other way round.

Maintaining your IT components day to day can be a mundane task and can put a lot of stress on you and your team. However, failure to do so might put you at risk as they can slow down your business operations and leave you vulnerable to exposure. That is where we come in to the rescue. With just a call or email away, our IT support services in Baltimore like Mtextbox can provide one‐on‐one support for whatever IT problem you might face.

Computer repair Baltimore: note down the following things

Do not be overcharged for a simple fault

If your PC needs to have something like its motherboard replaced, you should way the cost of the fault and only pay what you think is fair. You see, when the repair man calls you to quote his price, you shouldn’t take it right away. It’s for this reason that customers are often asked to make comparison before they settle for a particular product or service.


So if you can get at least 3 repair shops charging different rates for the same job, you’re better off with the one that charges the least price.

Some computer repair shops in Baltimore will also run free diagnostics for their customers. At the same time, others will charge you fees for every bit of activity they do on your PC. So the bottom line here is that you should be aware of repair shops that charge fees even where they should not asked their customer to pay.

Keep your data safe before taking your PC to a computer repair shop in Baltimore

A team of researchers recently conducted a small research on computer repair shops in America. They wanted to know how genuine they were when it came to serving their customers. However, they were shocked that a few of these shops tampered with personal data in the process of fixing problems.

Some even went ahead to snoop into holiday photos stored in the machine, while others took it a notch higher to gain access to files that were treated as ”Private”.

This is not to say that all repair shops in Baltimore do this. In fact, majority of the shops around are very honest with their customers, except a few rogue ones that find it necessary to dig into personal information of their customers.

So if possible, send all your private data to your Dropbox or OneDrive account before deleting the data in your hard drive. This way, you will still be able to gain access to those files even when you’re using another computer because this information is automatically synced with the relevant machine once your PC is back in order.

Chances are that these professionals will end up wiping everything to reinstalling Windows afresh. But even if they do this, you will be safe when your data is backed up somewhere safe.

Finally, make your computer accessible

Before taking your PC to a computer repair shop in Baltimore, don’t just write down your password on a piece of paper and hand it over. Instead, disable the password for logging on Windows and then take the machine for repairs. That way, you will give the technicians an easy time fixing it.