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Managed IT Support Services

Most companies that offer Information Technology Infrastructure as a Service focus on simplicity and speed. These qualities are key if they are going to handle organisational challenges related to IT. They are further able to handle scalability and infrastructure challenges at minimal costs.

In addition, a company in this field needs skilled professionals, superior hardware, software, and toolsets in order to manage all infrastructure solutions. There is also need for monitoring tools, cloud hosting, back-up management and disaster recovery management.

They advise clients on and help implement the following:

  • IT infrastructure that picks and resolves problems quickly
  • A dependable IT infrastructure that is scalable
  • Optimal IT infrastructure services based on service level agreements
  • Professional IT support team that can work with modern and legacy systems
  • T training and enhancing IT operations
  • Robust infrastructure security solutions that comply with best practises
  • Skilled personnel who can handle system upgrade, patching and migration
  • A team focussed on improving IT infrastructure design and therefore contribution to business operations
  • Implement a progressive IT service management tool to manage the IT environment

You can get all these services for your organisation plus other additional IT services at a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. In addition, these managed services add value and inventiveness in the services they offer.

Managed IT support services edmonton optimise the operations of IT infrastructure while making them available and dependable. The IT environment then becomes consistent and workable to the benefit of your organisation and clients.


You can get a firm that will manage all you IT services. For instance, you can benefit from:

IT Advisory Services

They offer solutions to intricate IT issues in order to help companies grow their business and centre on excellent customer service. These consultant services make you informed and steer you in the right direction in terms of strategy and cost.

Project Management Services

These services help systematise resources and therefore improve productivity and profitability. They involve the planning, coordination and implementation of systems based on the business objectives. They also centre on website development and other infrastructure projects.

IT Support

The IT support provided uses state-of-the-art toolsets combined with professional members of staff. The services add value and are innovative. They mainly comprise of help desk services and monitoring services.

Cloud Services

There are companies who can offer scalable processing power and data back-up that extends your available infrastructure. The cloud services offer a chance for scalable, secure, virtual and consistent solutions that are worthwhile.

The cloud services enhance uptime, mobility, scalability and optimisation at a known cost. It is one of the best ways to advance the business objectives. You can either go for private, public or hybrid cloud services.

System Management

This concentrates on the peak performance of application tiers which fall under the web platform, supporting middleware and databases. They are able to assist organisations with off-the-shelf systems and customised applications. Likewise, the goal is to reduce IT expenditure and ownership challenges, while promoting availability.

IT Subcontracting

External contractors generally aim for an outsourcing model that lessens the cost of operation and makes operations efficient. There are those companies that use ITIL-method to manage personnel, leadership and processes and IT systems. The services further need to align with the size and design of your company on order to provide great value.