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IT Managed Services Providers Gaining Ground in The Middle East

serviceThe middle east has always been more famous for gold coated cars than for their technology, now tech is coming up. Software has inevitably found itself into the high rise buildings and with it comes the army of support companies that keep everything working. IT managed services provider companies are cropping up everywhere you turn. If you tell me you saw that coming, i’d have to think you are a visionary. In Dubai alone they have formed an industry large enough for us to notice and here is what you need to know from our recent visit to get a closer look at things.

The cloud we have been hearing a lot about has not been limited to our parts of the world. A lot of organizations have been developing at alarming rates, meaning they inevitably need the advantages of scalability that cloud services are known to provide. With the services that come with the cloud comes a lot of responsibilities, a lot that could take IT talent all their attention. Lucky there are IT managed services providers that bring a lot of ease into the running of tech enhanced companies.

The biggest drive to the adoption of these companies into the fabric of legacy run companies is the need to get an edge as well as world class solutions to the demands that are catching up on the rapid growth associated with The Middle East.

Frost and Sullivan, an analyst company that looked into the matter predicted the growth in adoption of IT managed services provider companies to be a 3 billion dollar industry by the end of 2018. This is a far cry from what is evident in the American region of business, but could be seen as expanding with each following year.


When asked how they are being affected by the developments happening around them, the VP at one of the companies offering such services fit for classification under MSPs; A Moustafa, they cemented the benefits already visible from this end. More companies are seen collaborating with foreign companies, requiring their adoption of the technologies that support such partnerships. Cloud hosting companies are already popular across the middle east. Companies are now looking for SaaS relations as well as infrastructural support along with other services that make them dominant in their genres of business.

A delay in the adoption was observed as being the willingness to give up on control of the data that holds a company up. However, a steep acceptance trend of the model on which a lot of IT managed services providers are created is being observed and has led to a lot of new partnerships being signed.

The other drive has lately been the security enhancements that come from the collective efforts of the MSPs and their clients in battling attacks. Companies have come to the realization that, alone they are insufficient at fighting the inevitable attempts at getting into their systems by hackers and the like.