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How important is surveillance for your business

When you are running a business, there are a mountain of things to keep track of. Among them, security is generally high on the list. From cyber threats, to office theft, to keeping an eye on the facility with cctv systems, for Mississauga businesses, there are a lot security options to explore.

Surveillance has become a crucial part of business security, especially because of expensive devices and hardware in offices. To know more about how important it is, check out this following article:

Importance of Surveillance For Your Business

For many small to medium sized business owners, the idea of a video surveillance system may seem like an extravagant luxury. Video surveillance provides a day-to-day record of activities in your business and could help in the event of a burglary or accident. Despite those benefits, you may feel that your business isn’t big enough for a system, that you have little to protect yourself from and that standard alarms can protect you from most crime.

But today’s modern video surveillance systems offer much more protection to yourself and your business than you may realize. Having a video record available helps with everything from settling disputes between employees to protecting against fraudulent worker disability claims. A modern system can also help you determine more efficient ways of doing things and identify practices that waste time and resources.

Modern systems are also less labor intensive than ever before. Digital systems, for example, mean no video tapes to replace and store. Instead, you can link your systems to your internet and intranet connections.


In short, the benefits of surveillance systems are changing.

Here are some benefits/uses of video surveillance for your business:

  • Increases overall security and safety – Security surveillance is a deterrent to crime and a tool in solving crimes.
  • Worker productivity – Security cameras can help identify inefficient worker practices and improve communications between departments or separate business sites.
  • Prevent insurance fraud – Surveillance can cut down fraudulent insurance claims based on accidents by both workers and customers by providing an accurate record of the incident.
  • Resolve employee disputes – Provides insights into incidents and employee interaction.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring – A security surveillance system allows authorized employees to monitor critical areas continuously, in real time.
  • Digital storage – Modern IP systems (Internet protocol) video surveillance systems can store recorded footage digitally on network servers, hard-drives or NVRs, where the surveillance video is
    easily accessible to authorized users and offers improved searching capabilities.
  • Visual evidence – If you are a victim of crime or fraud, surveillance cameras can provide invaluable visual evidence for investigation.
  • Remote video monitoring –IP surveillance allows your employees to view security camera footage remotely. They can also be viewed simultaneously by multiple employees.