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Access control systems
Access control systems

The Best End To End Security Solutions in Canada

The world has become a very insecure place. Today, choosing a security access control systems company can be the difference between making profits and recording incredible losses. For a business to survive the security challenges of today’s world, its leadership must prioritize putting in place security access control systems that mind the safety of its staff, protects its assets, cash, stock and information, monitors business activities, and controls facility access.

Veridin Systems are designed to make sure every security loophole is sealed so that you can concentrate on growing your business to the highest heights you have envisioned.

Veridin access control systems are the best across Canada. They will make sure no unauthorized person gets access to your facility, restrict certain areas of your facility to a few employees, help you manage your employees’ access credentials, and monitor the time your employees enter and leave your business premises.

Access control systems from Veridin also allow you to generate reports of the traffic at your facility based on the day of the week and the time of day.

You can also retrieve the system’s audit data when you wish to review especially when an incident at the workplace requires a second look.

Security threats

Dealing with security threats has become a nightmare that every business has to be prepared for. Veridin access control systems allow you to perform centralized lock-downs during such emergencies. You can also choose to have security experts from Veridin to do remote management of your company’s access control systems. Through these and other solutions, you can enjoy increased protection for your assets, facilities and everyone who works at your business premises.

Powerful security systems

The powerful Veridin security systems allow for full electronic monitoring, give you unrivalled business protection, offer tailor-made solutions for your business and immediate security breach response. The company’s access control systems have a card system that is installed by industry’s renowned experts. The access systems record and keep history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Veridin access control systems, you can control who gets access to what using biometric identification.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) experts at Veridin make sure that your video surveillance is perfectly installed to deter theft. It is available in digital, analog, megapixel and IP camera technology. It also allows for smart video analytics.

For those businesses in need of security for medical marijuana, Veridin has bespoke solutions in facility access control, the production security of medical marijuana, IT/convergence integration as well as detection and reporting in line with MMPR.