IT Asset Disposition
IT Asset Disposition

Current IT innovations and their link to the need for Asset disposition

The new iPhone came out and we lined up to get our hands on a personal copy of the best piece of tech then, not just because of the iPhone but the apps too which is thanks to the Benefits of Application Management and the exponential growth in the mobile app management industry, the same trend is going to happen when the latest version after that is released in the near future. This same attitude is the one displayed when new computer hardware gets released. While this is part of the habits that makes companies stay competitive and profitable, very little to no thought is placed on what actually happens to the machines being related. Unless we are going to be kicking our way among dumped CPUs and keyboards in the street pavements, a plan should be drafted to make sure that as the new step in, the old step out in a safe way. Are we thinking IT  Asset disposition, or we are all about adding possessions.

Currently, there are plenty of organizations straightening out contracts with the opposite of computer manufacturers. While manufacturing houses look to produce an end product of usable packages of hardware, IT asset disposition firms take in the completed products from the desks of offices, they salvage and recycle these to make sure a balance is maintained. Computers don’t always get thrown out only because they are beyond repair, nowadays it is more common to throw one into the trash because you have a better one. Picture as many people getting new hardware throwing them away. A real problem is eminent. This problem to be dealt with is projected to pass the current 50 million tons to 160 in under 5 years.

IT Asset Disposition

A lot of money stands to be made from proper IT asset disposition. More companies are realizing this and strategic partnerships are being forged on the daily.

One such partnership, for precedence sake; Giants in computer refurbishment, SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) have been putting the muscle into the balancing game of using once used machines. Good news into this is that they are now working hand to hand (have been for near a year now) with another titan of the computer industry, TraceTM in efforts to grow trust among companies in favor of second hand computers. The partnership worked on a software solution to getting computers from junk yards into new packages and getting sold again. A company looking to get best shape second hand computers can just look up what they are being offered by distributors on a  hosted database and get certification details that both partners approve the product will work to best levels. IT asset disposition in the form of partnerships like this, will be the key source of hope that we don’t end up drowning in e-waste.

One thing certain is that this won’t be the last you hear about IT asset disposition, just as surely it is not near the end of there being released new computers and products whose success is hinged on users adopting the new thind. It is not a blame game, just a call to the realization of what the other end looks like.

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