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Ways an Office 365 Consulting Firm Can Help Your Business Migrate To Office 365

After in-depth reading and researching, you finally feel you are ready to take your business through Office 365 migration process. How do you make this transition as smooth as you can for your business and everyone that works there? Microsoft Office 365 has been tremendously successful.

Today it is the most widely used business application across the entire world. Therefore, it makes perfect sense why you would want your business to take advantage of the incredible features that come with this Microsoft product. For smooth transitions, hiring Office 365 migration experts is the way to go. Office 365 consulting firms have increased significantly in the last few years. They can help you manage your transition by helping you to:

Get ready

The process of deploying Office 365 can be a long and frustrating one. It affects everyone in the company, including your customers. That is why it is important that everyone is informed in good time what the transition process will entail. Some of the inconveniences that you should prepare to contend with include the likelihood of not accessing the software you use to do daily tasks, unreachable email and general work disruption. As a result, it may be quite difficult to contact some of your customers.

An Office 365 consulting firm can help you strategically plan this deployment to happen in low use times of the week. The firm would also help you with sending out warnings now and then to your employees about the preparations they need to make before the migration process begins.


When the big day finally arrives, how exactly do you go through the deployment process of Office 365? To get the process started, you will need to have designated enough time for the migration to take place as well as a fast and strong enough internet connection. The whole migration affair is quite complicated. The Office 365 consulting firm you have hired will simplify the process for you by explaining some steps to you and your employees on the go. It will also make certain that your business does not lose any valuable data during this transition.

office 365 consulting


After migration, your employees will need to get some basic training on how to use the new system. They will also need to know how everything gets stored and process as well as understand the new risks that the new system presents. This process will take the most time and everyone will need to showcase a considerably high level of patience as the business adapts to the new system.

An Office 365 consulting firm can help your employees to adapt to the new system a little faster than they would on their own. The firm would also keep tabs on the new system and how it is increasing efficiency and productivity in your business.

Access control systems
Access control systems

The Best End To End Security Solutions in Canada

The world has become a very insecure place. Today, choosing a security access control systems company can be the difference between making profits and recording incredible losses. For a business to survive the security challenges of today’s world, its leadership must prioritize putting in place security access control systems that mind the safety of its staff, protects its assets, cash, stock and information, monitors business activities, and controls facility access.

Veridin Systems are designed to make sure every security loophole is sealed so that you can concentrate on growing your business to the highest heights you have envisioned.

Veridin access control systems are the best across Canada. They will make sure no unauthorized person gets access to your facility, restrict certain areas of your facility to a few employees, help you manage your employees’ access credentials, and monitor the time your employees enter and leave your business premises.

Access control systems from Veridin also allow you to generate reports of the traffic at your facility based on the day of the week and the time of day.

You can also retrieve the system’s audit data when you wish to review especially when an incident at the workplace requires a second look.

Security threats

Dealing with security threats has become a nightmare that every business has to be prepared for. Veridin access control systems allow you to perform centralized lock-downs during such emergencies. You can also choose to have security experts from Veridin to do remote management of your company’s access control systems. Through these and other solutions, you can enjoy increased protection for your assets, facilities and everyone who works at your business premises.

Powerful security systems

The powerful Veridin security systems allow for full electronic monitoring, give you unrivalled business protection, offer tailor-made solutions for your business and immediate security breach response. The company’s access control systems have a card system that is installed by industry’s renowned experts. The access systems record and keep history 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Veridin access control systems, you can control who gets access to what using biometric identification.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) experts at Veridin make sure that your video surveillance is perfectly installed to deter theft. It is available in digital, analog, megapixel and IP camera technology. It also allows for smart video analytics.

For those businesses in need of security for medical marijuana, Veridin has bespoke solutions in facility access control, the production security of medical marijuana, IT/convergence integration as well as detection and reporting in line with MMPR.

it asset management


Installation of hardware or software asset inventory asset tracking has become a vital strategy in running of businesses assets. It enables you to keep track of your assets automatically as well as update existing assets whenever a change occurs and add new ones into your system. Inventory of IT assets is the basic startup for hardware and software asset management.  IT asset disposition services When incorporated and their implementation is efficient, your data value is guaranteed to be of high quality.

Asset tracking can be strenuous since it is hard to always be in the know-how of who has which asset, where can they be found and the status of the assets. However, with IT asset management software comparison inventory tracking, this problems are all catered for. With the help of technology, you will always be aware of where the assets are, identify those using them and keep track of the asset cycle.


When tracking assets, there are various factors which are kept in consideration. First of all, you would need to know who owns the tracking device dependent on the level of use- individually or in a group. It would also be a point of interest to know the location of the asset in terms of its implementation. In addition, you’d also need to keep track of the cycle of the asset whether it is being repaired, in use or being decommissioned. This will help you limit the number of IT assets you will be purchasing and save your pocket some penny.

Software inventory normalization is all about installed data software on a network which is meant to transform information into actionable data. The benefit of the information is that it can be used as license management and helps in creating consistency in the assets. Normalizing software inventory allows users to categorize the software based assets into groups which simply means that the user can access different versions of the same software. This helps in viewing, identifying and managing the single licenses for each asset.

Software inventory normalization is a basic importance in analyzing software and with the IT asset inventory tracking, identifying and classifying various assets is easy. The tracking helps in distinguishing installed and system software’s hence the viewing and analyzing of the assets will be done accordingly. When lots of assets are streaming into the network, the cohesion of the two inventories help in placing assets in their respective categories and keeping track of their cycles as they progress from one stage to the next.

With the knowledge of IT asset inventory tracking and software inventory normalization, you will be able to achieve the visibility and control of the assets, maximize on their utilization, manage the licenses for their use and be well informed before you can purchase them. In case of changes in the assets, the tracking inventory identifies the changes and automatically corrects them. When changes occur, alerts are sent to the asset owners and this enables them identify authorized and unauthorized access on the assets. As for the normalization inventory, it helps in maintaining consistency on the view of the software inventory.

cctv systems

How important is surveillance for your business

When you are running a business, there are a mountain of things to keep track of. Among them, security is generally high on the list. From cyber threats, to office theft, to keeping an eye on the facility with cctv systems, for Mississauga businesses, there are a lot security options to explore.

Surveillance has become a crucial part of business security, especially because of expensive devices and hardware in offices. To know more about how important it is, check out this following article:

Importance of Surveillance For Your Business

For many small to medium sized business owners, the idea of a video surveillance system may seem like an extravagant luxury. Video surveillance provides a day-to-day record of activities in your business and could help in the event of a burglary or accident. Despite those benefits, you may feel that your business isn’t big enough for a system, that you have little to protect yourself from and that standard alarms can protect you from most crime.

But today’s modern video surveillance systems offer much more protection to yourself and your business than you may realize. Having a video record available helps with everything from settling disputes between employees to protecting against fraudulent worker disability claims. A modern system can also help you determine more efficient ways of doing things and identify practices that waste time and resources.

Modern systems are also less labor intensive than ever before. Digital systems, for example, mean no video tapes to replace and store. Instead, you can link your systems to your internet and intranet connections.


In short, the benefits of surveillance systems are changing.

Here are some benefits/uses of video surveillance for your business:

  • Increases overall security and safety – Security surveillance is a deterrent to crime and a tool in solving crimes.
  • Worker productivity – Security cameras can help identify inefficient worker practices and improve communications between departments or separate business sites.
  • Prevent insurance fraud – Surveillance can cut down fraudulent insurance claims based on accidents by both workers and customers by providing an accurate record of the incident.
  • Resolve employee disputes – Provides insights into incidents and employee interaction.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring – A security surveillance system allows authorized employees to monitor critical areas continuously, in real time.
  • Digital storage – Modern IP systems (Internet protocol) video surveillance systems can store recorded footage digitally on network servers, hard-drives or NVRs, where the surveillance video is
    easily accessible to authorized users and offers improved searching capabilities.
  • Visual evidence – If you are a victim of crime or fraud, surveillance cameras can provide invaluable visual evidence for investigation.
  • Remote video monitoring –IP surveillance allows your employees to view security camera footage remotely. They can also be viewed simultaneously by multiple employees.
MSP marketing

Tips on Creating Effective MSP Marketing Plan That Will Lead Generation

MSP or managed service provider is a company that manages the IT infrastructure or end user systems of the client. The managing company operates under a subscription model and on a proactive basis.

What is the role of MSP marketing service in sales lead generation? Is there something wrong with MSP business model?

Time and budget are some of the challenging factors when it comes to implementing MSP in marketing and lead generation. As a matter of fact, most MSPs have their hands full, thanks to the existing clientele. This means engaging new clients would be done by word of mouth rather than have a strategic plan in place. Clients will only call the service providers when a problem arises.


How can a business benefit from MSP marketing? Here are a few tips on how to create a marketing plan and lead general strategy:

Setting tangible marketing goals

When adding new business solutions or starting marketing plan, it is important to set a few specific goals. Listing the specific marketing activities such as customer survey and email campaign is greatly recommended.

Before plugging in the accurate figures, consider the following:

  • How many leads are needed on a monthly basis?
  • What is the conversion rate
  • For starters, start with a conversation rate of 10 per cent.

Determine the source of funding and budget

After determining the costs of all marketing activities, it is time to determine the budget. The amount needed for the marketing plan will be slightly higher than the available budget. It is important to have a detailed marketing plan before committing any funds.

Do not go solo

Most providers have the notion that marketing involves hiring a full-time marketer. The truth of the matter is that hiring someone with a marketing degree will not guarantee success. A distributor or vendor may offer valuable information and low-cost marketing services. Seek help from other partners.

Befriending editors

Find an editor who will speak to your target audience. This is a move that will boost the relevancy of websites when online searches are done. One way of meeting editors is by introducing yourself to business editors. Reporters are known to be reliable and this will increase greatly the chances of being quoted in their publications.

Improve on your website

Ensure that your website stands out from the rest. Most websites have the same logos of vendors and the use of high-tech jargon. One of way of making the website stand out is by:

  • Having personalized messages, that shows interaction between clients and employees
  • Include short clips and videos
  • Incorporate social media to the marketing plan

Social media has proved to be a relevant marketing tool. As a matter of fact, social media advertising has a high success rate compared to outbound marketing. Some of the social media tools that can be used include Facebook and LinkedIn.

Build a marketing plan that embraces change

It is important to track details of your marketing plan. This will help make informed decisions over the period. It gives you the chance to assess what is working and what needs to be improved.

data recovery

Best Five Simple Steps to Recover Your Lost Data

We are all familiar with that deep fear that one sudden day, you are going to encounter a disaster where you lose all your precious and valuable data. The hard drive might show corrupted files, deny access or even stop responding completely. Your hard drive is a complex piece of hardware that was multiple components that can break down anytime. Mechanical elements might malfunction, system might get infected or files can get corrupted. But fear not, with the advancement of technology and the existence of data remanence, recovering your lost data is still possible, given the circumstances are right.

We should begin by first looking into how data recovery works. Data is constantly written in your drive even when you are not doing anything. And every time data is deleted or lost, it leaves behind a residue called data remanence. As long as these residues are not overwritten by new data, it is still possible to reconstruct and restore them back to their original form. But this is also what makes data recovery so challenging. The longer time you spend reading the drive and trying to fixing it, the liker the chances are that it will overwrite the residual data. Thus, dead or corrupted hard drive must be dealt with caution, prior knowledge and planning.

Trial-and-errors can be a big gamble for data recovery philadelphia unless you know exactly what to do. Spending too much time not working on the right steps can further extend your damage and costs you a lot of money, or worse make the data irrecoverable. If the hard drive is still readable by the machine, we can certainly give it a try. If not, it might be a mechanical issue and professional help might be needed. Thus, we provide you with five simple steps to recover your data with minimum risk:

Data Recovery

Step 1: Check for the common stuff

The first thing to do is to try to grasp an understanding of what could be wrong with the hard drive, if any at all. Start with some basic check up of USB plugs and pins and make sure that nothing is broken. Is the disk rotating when it is connected? Is it making any noise? Is the drive visible through the computer? Whether it is an external hard drive or internal, take it out dust it off and check for any visible damage. Next, try connecting it to a different machine. If it was something wrong with your primary machine and its connections, the hard drive should work fine on a different one. Is it showing the same issues? If so, you can be certain that something certainly is wrong with the hard drive and move on to the next step.

Step 2: Create a clone and reassure security

Before you move further and start overwriting your existing data, shut down your primary machine where the issue initially occurred. This will keep a clone copy of the hard drive’s current memory and act as a backup when reconnected. Next, connect the drive to a secondary device and check for any form of corruption or error. Run some antivirus and antimalware tests to make sure that the drive is safe to work with. This will help to reduce further damage and risk of exposure to potential threats.

Step 3: Find a Recovery Software Solution

If your hardware is facing a logical failure, i.e. non-mechanical, the chances are you can still recover some if not all of your lost data. There are various data recovery software services available both free and paid to help you out. Recuva, Boomerang data recovery, Prosoft’s Data Rescue PC and Ontrack Easy Recovery Data Recovery would be just some of them to begin with. Pick one and download it to the secondary machine to which the drive is connected. Now you are ready for the next step.

Step 4: Run the Recovery Software

To restore your previous files and data, you must at first create a new, secured folder to keep them. Make sure that it is not the same as the corrupted drive folder. Once you have that ready, run the installed recovery software and wait for a while. It might take some time, but depending on the severity of the damage, you should be able to recover some if not all of the lost data. Unless all your lost data footprints were overwritten and it’s not a mechanical failure, most recovery softwares should be able to do the trick. If the first software fails to do so, give it a second and third try with newer ones. However, if it still doesn’t work, we might have to consider step number 5.

Step 5: Seek help from an expert

If all the previous steps failed and you are still stuck with a dead hard drive, it might be time to consider that your hardware is be facing some mechanical issues. Assuming that you are an average joe and not too much of an IT expert, it can be quite tricky to work with all the different components of the hard drive. Furthermore, it can risk further damage and end up costing you more, or worse make the data completely irrecoverable. Thus, it might not be the worst idea to seek assistance from professional technicians. Let them diagnose and assess the situation. Given their experience and expertise, they just might be to bring to all you have lost.

Data recovery and be a tiring and expensive process, and risky altogether. Care must be taken throughout all the steps to ensure that the data isn’t exposed to further damage and hopefully by the end of it, you will have all your files back to how they were.

IT support

Managed IT Support Services

Most companies that offer Information Technology Infrastructure as a Service focus on simplicity and speed. These qualities are key if they are going to handle organisational challenges related to IT. They are further able to handle scalability and infrastructure challenges at minimal costs.

In addition, a company in this field needs skilled professionals, superior hardware, software, and toolsets in order to manage all infrastructure solutions. There is also need for monitoring tools, cloud hosting, back-up management and disaster recovery management.

They advise clients on and help implement the following:

  • IT infrastructure that picks and resolves problems quickly
  • A dependable IT infrastructure that is scalable
  • Optimal IT infrastructure services based on service level agreements
  • Professional IT support team that can work with modern and legacy systems
  • T training and enhancing IT operations
  • Robust infrastructure security solutions that comply with best practises
  • Skilled personnel who can handle system upgrade, patching and migration
  • A team focussed on improving IT infrastructure design and therefore contribution to business operations
  • Implement a progressive IT service management tool to manage the IT environment

You can get all these services for your organisation plus other additional IT services at a monthly, quarterly or annual fee. In addition, these managed services add value and inventiveness in the services they offer.

Managed IT support services edmonton optimise the operations of IT infrastructure while making them available and dependable. The IT environment then becomes consistent and workable to the benefit of your organisation and clients.


You can get a firm that will manage all you IT services. For instance, you can benefit from:

IT Advisory Services

They offer solutions to intricate IT issues in order to help companies grow their business and centre on excellent customer service. These consultant services make you informed and steer you in the right direction in terms of strategy and cost.

Project Management Services

These services help systematise resources and therefore improve productivity and profitability. They involve the planning, coordination and implementation of systems based on the business objectives. They also centre on website development and other infrastructure projects.

IT Support

The IT support provided uses state-of-the-art toolsets combined with professional members of staff. The services add value and are innovative. They mainly comprise of help desk services and monitoring services.

Cloud Services

There are companies who can offer scalable processing power and data back-up that extends your available infrastructure. The cloud services offer a chance for scalable, secure, virtual and consistent solutions that are worthwhile.

The cloud services enhance uptime, mobility, scalability and optimisation at a known cost. It is one of the best ways to advance the business objectives. You can either go for private, public or hybrid cloud services.

System Management

This concentrates on the peak performance of application tiers which fall under the web platform, supporting middleware and databases. They are able to assist organisations with off-the-shelf systems and customised applications. Likewise, the goal is to reduce IT expenditure and ownership challenges, while promoting availability.

IT Subcontracting

External contractors generally aim for an outsourcing model that lessens the cost of operation and makes operations efficient. There are those companies that use ITIL-method to manage personnel, leadership and processes and IT systems. The services further need to align with the size and design of your company on order to provide great value.

IT support

What you should know when taking your PC to a computer repair shop in Baltimore

When your PC or laptop is faulty, it usually takes the hand of a technician to fix it. However, if that technician is not very reliable, then a few things may happen. They will overcharge you, miss-diagnose the problem, or end up deleting your valuable data. Fortunately, you can do something to have your PC only repaired by a qualified Baltimore technician and not the other way round.

Maintaining your IT components day to day can be a mundane task and can put a lot of stress on you and your team. However, failure to do so might put you at risk as they can slow down your business operations and leave you vulnerable to exposure. That is where we come in to the rescue. With just a call or email away, our IT support services in Baltimore like Mtextbox can provide one‐on‐one support for whatever IT problem you might face.

Computer repair Baltimore: note down the following things

Do not be overcharged for a simple fault

If your PC needs to have something like its motherboard replaced, you should way the cost of the fault and only pay what you think is fair. You see, when the repair man calls you to quote his price, you shouldn’t take it right away. It’s for this reason that customers are often asked to make comparison before they settle for a particular product or service.


So if you can get at least 3 repair shops charging different rates for the same job, you’re better off with the one that charges the least price.

Some computer repair shops in Baltimore will also run free diagnostics for their customers. At the same time, others will charge you fees for every bit of activity they do on your PC. So the bottom line here is that you should be aware of repair shops that charge fees even where they should not asked their customer to pay.

Keep your data safe before taking your PC to a computer repair shop in Baltimore

A team of researchers recently conducted a small research on computer repair shops in America. They wanted to know how genuine they were when it came to serving their customers. However, they were shocked that a few of these shops tampered with personal data in the process of fixing problems.

Some even went ahead to snoop into holiday photos stored in the machine, while others took it a notch higher to gain access to files that were treated as ”Private”.

This is not to say that all repair shops in Baltimore do this. In fact, majority of the shops around are very honest with their customers, except a few rogue ones that find it necessary to dig into personal information of their customers.

So if possible, send all your private data to your Dropbox or OneDrive account before deleting the data in your hard drive. This way, you will still be able to gain access to those files even when you’re using another computer because this information is automatically synced with the relevant machine once your PC is back in order.

Chances are that these professionals will end up wiping everything to reinstalling Windows afresh. But even if they do this, you will be safe when your data is backed up somewhere safe.

Finally, make your computer accessible

Before taking your PC to a computer repair shop in Baltimore, don’t just write down your password on a piece of paper and hand it over. Instead, disable the password for logging on Windows and then take the machine for repairs. That way, you will give the technicians an easy time fixing it.

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services Providers Gaining Ground in The Middle East

serviceThe middle east has always been more famous for gold coated cars than for their technology, now tech is coming up. Software has inevitably found itself into the high rise buildings and with it comes the army of support companies that keep everything working. IT managed services provider companies are cropping up everywhere you turn. If you tell me you saw that coming, i’d have to think you are a visionary. In Dubai alone they have formed an industry large enough for us to notice and here is what you need to know from our recent visit to get a closer look at things.

The cloud we have been hearing a lot about has not been limited to our parts of the world. A lot of organizations have been developing at alarming rates, meaning they inevitably need the advantages of scalability that cloud services are known to provide. With the services that come with the cloud comes a lot of responsibilities, a lot that could take IT talent all their attention. Lucky there are IT managed services providers that bring a lot of ease into the running of tech enhanced companies.

The biggest drive to the adoption of these companies into the fabric of legacy run companies is the need to get an edge as well as world class solutions to the demands that are catching up on the rapid growth associated with The Middle East.

Frost and Sullivan, an analyst company that looked into the matter predicted the growth in adoption of IT managed services provider companies to be a 3 billion dollar industry by the end of 2018. This is a far cry from what is evident in the American region of business, but could be seen as expanding with each following year.


When asked how they are being affected by the developments happening around them, the VP at one of the companies offering such services fit for classification under MSPs; A Moustafa, they cemented the benefits already visible from this end. More companies are seen collaborating with foreign companies, requiring their adoption of the technologies that support such partnerships. Cloud hosting companies are already popular across the middle east. Companies are now looking for SaaS relations as well as infrastructural support along with other services that make them dominant in their genres of business.

A delay in the adoption was observed as being the willingness to give up on control of the data that holds a company up. However, a steep acceptance trend of the model on which a lot of IT managed services providers are created is being observed and has led to a lot of new partnerships being signed.

The other drive has lately been the security enhancements that come from the collective efforts of the MSPs and their clients in battling attacks. Companies have come to the realization that, alone they are insufficient at fighting the inevitable attempts at getting into their systems by hackers and the like.

Vulnerability Assessment

Latest on Apple’s iMessage Vulnerability assessment report

The Washington post recently confirmed what all Apple iMessage users feared true, it is possible for the servers holding the cloud communication data to be cloned and all the original data (messages) accessed through the most common of hacking techniques. Word is spreading, over how a team from the J Hopkins University’s research facilities were able to create the setup that any hacker with the means can replicate and use to decode messages between iMessage users, media included. With the way users have gotten used to this communication channel in the business world and beyond, the risk of losing company secrets that just arose could see things changing.If you’re just looking for some advice, assessments, or complete Virtual CIO offerings, our Business IT Consulting toronto can walk you through what you’re doing right and what you could be doing better.

We looked into the issue, including the vulnerability assessment reports from Apple themselves.

Vulnerability Assessment Report

Apparently, Apple knew about the flaw way before the researchers found the gap, it was thought to have been fixed with previous updates. Guess who is slacking? Imagine what the FBI would do with it considering how hard they have been going at Apple to relax the security so that their analysts can access the device used in previous crimes against humanity. A lot of IT security companies are against the letting soft of security features on devices. The findings have led to apple scheduling an update of their Operating system; version 9.3, which will be solely released to patch the point of entry found by the JHU fellows. Why previous versions failed to seal this gate, we will never really know. Millions of users all over the world are eagerly waiting for the update.

A further look into the attack that worked on iMessage services proves that the FBI would have very little use of it in past cases, although plenty in the future. iPhones are used all across the world, even by terrorists. The recent attacks on the Belgian airport could well have been interrupted if the communication had been listened to. This is a possible reason why everyone could have a side agreeing to the idea of tapping communication channels all around the world. The bad side comes when you look into the fact that not everyone is planning an attack like the ones seen recently, would you be okay having your communications monitored? Exactly. Then again this matter being resolved in favor of the FBI could save a lot of lives through the prevention of other attacks in the future.

A vulnerability assessment report has been produced and analysed at the Apple headquarters, updates will come to fix the loophole and no way possible will be left to government agencies and hackers alike. Before conducting the update, are you safe from hackers? Well apparently, the report revealed there has to be a listener between your device connection and the servers, this is a very possible and relatively easy way for surveillance to be conducted, so we’re told. If you use a wifi connection, you may be at higher risk than say someone sending the communications through the regular telecoms services.